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Tell Our Public Officials to Support Stronger Protections for Our Great Waters

The great waters of Northwest New Jersey are special. They sustain farms and vineyards, supply wild trout, boost our property values, attract tourists, and provide millions of households downstream with clean drinking water. 

Sadly, these precious resources and the character of the natural lands around them are at risk. Our great waters are threatened by poorly planned industrial development, flooding, mismanaged waste, and a loose patchwork of regulations. 

Many of our local leaders have stepped up to protect our great waters by working on smarter zoning, sensible development, and land preservation. Now, we're asking them along with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to fix outdated state-level water protections to keep these cherished waters great for generations to come. 

Sign the petition today urging our local leaders throughout northwest New Jersey and the NJDEP to support greater protections for great waters here and across our state.

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