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Sussex County's Walpack Valley is an outdoor paradise, laced by bubbling streams and studded with crystal waterfalls.

At its heart is Flat Brook.

Did you know?

The Flat Brook 
watershed is home to:

31,615 acres public

deer hunting grounds

50 managed fishing miles

(wild or stocked)

24 water access points

9 historic districts

5 historic bridges


Who benefits from a healthy watershed?

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Rec Outfitters.png
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Sandystown Township
Photo (c) Nicholas A. Tonelli

Current Challenges

The health of the Flat Brook watershed faces a number of challenges that can be easily addressed with the right tools, protections, and cooperation:

  • Dams that impact the spawning of fish

  • Lack of sufficient tree cover that keep waters cool and clean

  • Excess runoff that raises water temperatures, harming trout and encouraging harmful bacteria growth

  • Need for improved public access

  • More than 70 miles of waterway are poorly protected for recreational use

If not managed and protected now, communities could miss out on the watershed's many recreational and economic benefits for good.

Anne's Story

"For 15 years I lived in Jersey City and commuted daily to Manhattan where I worked for a major investment company.  For me, the Great Waters region was a refuge from the noise, the crowds, and the everyday stress of the living and working in the city . . ."

nt flat brook.jpg
Photo (c) Nicholas A. Tonelli

You can help keep the Flat Brook watershed great.

Do you live, fish, and hunt in the Flat Brook watershed?  Or do you love to visit for all the natural beauty and recreation it has to offer?  

Many of our local leaders have stepped up to protect our great waters and landscapes by working on smarter zoning, sensible development, and land preservation. Now, we're asking them to use their power and call on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to fix outdated state-level water protections to keep these cherished waters great for generations to come. 


Whether you're a master angler, a mayor, or a mom, you have the power to safeguard our state's great waters for generations to come. Sign the petition and check out our municipal action guide:



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