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We want to hear your story!

The Great Waters of Northwest New Jersey are special. Whether it's the scenic Musconetcong River, the bubbling Flat Brook or the trout-filled Lopatcong Creek, our waters leave us with unforgettable memories of the outdoors. 

What's your connection to our Great Waters? We want to hear about the creeks and rivers you visited, why our Great Waters are special to you, and if you have thoughts about the future of the region.

Your words can help protect the future of
Northwest New Jersey's recreational waters!

First, we need a little basic information:

Now, tell us your story!

Thank you!

By sharing your story with us, you are granting us permission to edit it for consistency and clarity, and to share it with others to promote the protection of Northwestern New Jersey's recreational waters.


You're also allowing us to send you information about the Great Waters New Jersey initiative, including more ways you can help keep our rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds great for future generations!

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