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Your history, our future

Maybe there was a special fishing trip you took with a friend.  Maybe you camp at the same lake your family camped at when you were a child.  Maybe one of our beautiful Great Waters holds a special place in your heart.  Help shape the future of Northwest New Jersey by sharing your Great Waters history. 

Share Your Story
Image by Airstream Inc.

Lee's Story


To remember some of my first casts into the Musconetcong are memories I try to share with my nephews, as it is not lost on me that many children of color are often not afforded the same opportunities to interact with nature as I did growing up. Teaching my nephews to fish in the Musconetcong, and its surrounding rivers, is truly important for me. Because the impressions nature can leave on the young can be everlasting, and even inspire some to pursue a career in conservation as I did.

-- Lee C.


Anne's  Story


"For 15 years I lived in Jersey City and commuted daily to Manhattan where I worked for a major investment company.  For me, the Great Waters region was a refuge from the noise, the crowds, and the everyday stress of the living and working in the city . . ."

-- Anne C.

Dave's Story


"When I was growing up in Warren County in the 1970s, they didn't have summer recreation programs for kids like they do now.  Beaver Brook was our summer recreation program.  My friends and I would hike to the brook when it got hot, and wade or fish or explore the bank for hours.  Sometimes we wouldn't leave until it was almost dark.  I hope Beaver Brook will always be there for kids to experience the simple joys of summer"

-- Dave P.


User Stories
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Want to make more Great Waters memories?

Help keep it this way

Do you live in Northwestern New Jersey?  Do you love to visit the natural beauty of the Highlands and enjoy all of the activities in and near the water? 


Help protect what makes Great Waters great for generations to come.



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