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Pequest River Valley

The great waters of the Highlands 


The Pequest Valley

20 million people agree.

The Highlands Region of Northwest New Jersey is home and home-away-from-home for some 20 million people who come to enjoy fishing, paddling, hiking in and around some of the nation's most prized lakes and streams. These "great waters," including three National Wild & Scenic Rivers, sustain communities, farms, and businesses, and provide a fresh source of drinking water to over 15 million people across the Mid-Atlantic. 

The Musconetcong River

Lee's Story

"To remember some of my first casts into the Musconetcong are memories I try to share with my nephews, as it is not lost on me that many children of color are often not afforded the same opportunities to interact with nature as I did growing up... Read More

Sadly, our great waters

are at risk.

Early in our nation's history bald eagles were a common sight along the streams of Northwestern New Jersey. But due to the combined effects of habitat loss, hunting, and pollution they had all but disappeared from the region.  Now, thanks to sensible protections and community efforts over the last decade, bald eagle are back:  nesting and feeding in and around the rivers and streams of the Highlands.  


Unfortunately, the eagles—and all of us who enjoy life on Highlands waters—face new threats: poorly planned industrial development, flooding, mismanaged waste, and a loose patchwork of protections could lead to us losing our great waters for good. 

Image by Roger Starnes Sr
Protect Our Great Waters

The good news:

you can help keep our great waters great.

Do you live in Northwest New Jersey?  Or do you love to visit the Highlands for all the natural beauty and recreation it has to offer? 

Many of our local leaders have stepped up to protect our great waters and landscapes by working on smarter zoning, sensible development, and land preservation. Now, we're asking them to use their power and call on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to fix outdated state-level water protections to keep these cherished waters great for generations to come. 

Whether you're a mayor, a mom, or a master angle — or all three — you have the power to safeguard our state's great waters for generations to come.
Sign the petition and check out our municipal action guide:

Great Waters New Jersey Partnership

Learn more about the organizations that are working hard to keep Northwest New Jersey waters great.
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